Hexplane Corporation is currently bringing to market 10 differently sized Hexplane "Skytrucks".  Each Skytruck will be available in four different versions creating 40 different solutions to most customer performance requirements.

The planned UAVS are currently sized from 40 to 26,000 pounds gross weight.  All versions are single engine/hybrid electric aircraft which follow uploaded flight plans which may be modified during flight.

All versions may be easily field altered to change wing aspect ratio and engine/generator power modules without requiring hand tools as well as wing folding for all models.

All airframes are designed to accommodate multiple mission requirements including ISR, Combat resupply and UCAV missions.

The custom flight control and management system (FCMS) is designed with a high level of redundancy  to insure a return to base capacity following significant battle damage.

The six propulsion system provide the Hexplane high performance and level of redundancy following the failure of any propulsion unit, no matter what the cause.

Hexplane's ISR can not only loiter but can perform "persistent stare" missions.
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Hexplane's 12,500 gross weight  version can carry 1,000 lbs, 1,000 miles, at 400mph.
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Hexplane's 12,500lbs gross weight version can carry sensors and weapons to arrive faster than other VTOLs
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Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Combat Resupply
Aerial Vehicles
Faster, Further, Safer ...
Hexplane could provide a strongly competitive solution to the Navy's Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility Systems System (AACUS) program.
Hexplane's folded wing concept will meet the Navy's requirements.
"Hexplane" and "Hexplane Corp" are trade marks of Hexplane Corp.