Hexplane eliminates the inconvenience of multiple transfers between modes of transportation for today’s busy executives.  This combines the limousine or other short distance conveyance to local airports, at home and at the destination, with the private business aircraft, bringing industry leaders rapidly from city-center to city-center up to one thousand miles apart.

Faster, Further, Safer ...
Key Performance Advantages
Hexplane achieves the payload, speed, and range similar to a fixed wing airplane and can perform full gross weight VTOL operations after a propulsion unit failure!
Highest speed
Greatest range
Unusually safe and redundant
Lower development cost
Highly maneuverable
Low VRS susceptibility
Pressurized cabin
Uses highly efficient propellers
Higher HOGE performance
Finish mission with failed propulsion
"Hexplane" and "Hexplane Corp" are trademarks of Hexplane Corp.
Oliver VTOL's patented Hexplane Technology performance has been independently analyzed...
The results:
Hexplane breaks the VTOL barrier!
  • Hexplane flies faster than competitive VTOL aircraft
  • Hexplane flies farther than competitive VTOL aircraft
  • Hexplane is safer than competitive VTOL aircraft
Off Shore
Oil Platform