Offshore Oil Platform Support
Faster, Further, Safer ...
Introducing the future of offshore oil platform logistics.

With the ever growing industrialization of the world, the need for it’s most fundamental resource, oil, is constantly growing as well.  Prospecting for this vital commodity is reaching further and further into areas beyond the range of current support transportation.  The Santos Basin finds of 2007 and 2008, off the coast of Brazil, brings this into sharp focus.  Current extraction operations are within 100 miles of their support bases.

When production heads out to Santos, the distance to travel jumps to almost 200 miles.  Extending current aircraft methods will require the expensive devotion of purpose-built platforms, or the provision of ships, to provide refueling capability and supply depots at sea.

A fleet of Hexplanes would obviate hundreds of millions of dollars of infrastructure costs with an ability to continue to use current land based support facilities.  Additionally, the unrefueled round trip time would remain commensurate with current capabilities.

Essentially, servicing the Santos Basin, with Hexplane, makes the additional distance a non-factor and dramatically reduces anticipated costs.

Speeds to 450mph
Ranges to 1,500 miles
Operates above the weather
Pressurized cabin
Large cargo volume
Improved site accessibility
Infrastructure cost savings
Extends land based operations
Similar trip times to present
Reduction in sortie requirements
  Hexplane provides robust capability within the same helipad footprint as currently available on most oil platforms.
Working on an oil rig is a dangerous occupation.  Hexplane Air Ambulances provide a key means of reducing the impact of worker injuries by transporting victims to more capable shore-based facilities far more quickly than aircraft currently in use.
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