Hexplane is Patented!
"The Hexplane will challenge an Osprey type of aircraft because of a combination of speed and propulsion redundancy not found in any other type of aircraft."

-Dr. Jan Roskam and Dr. Willem Anemaat

Air Ambulance, Offshore Oil Platform Service, Search and Rescue, Executive Transport
Medivac, Troop Transport, Cargo, Attack applications

Faster, Further, Safer ...
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"Hexplane" and "Hexplane Corp" are trade marks of Hexplane Corp.
Hexplane discovery presented at the AIAA convention.  Hexplane achieves speed, range and climb rates competitive with the Cessna Citation CJ2+ jet while consuming less fuel.  Hexplane can hover efficently like a helicopter using propellers, avoiding complex cross-shafts.
We welcome Vernon L. Campbell as our Marketing and Sales manager.  Vern brings considerable relevant experience and expertise to the team.
Hexplane's performance approaches the VTOL holy grail once thought impossible.  Hexplane achieves payload, speed, and range similar to a high speed airplane and can perform full gross weight VTOL operations following a propulsion unit failure, no matter what the cause!  Something no other VTOL aircraft can claim!
Hexplane Patents Allowed! - All pending Hexplane patents have now been allowed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  This represents a series of patents for the solution to the combined performance of helicopters and speed approaching that of the jet.