Combat Air Vehicle Skytucks
Faster, Further, Safer ...
Introducing the "FIRESTORM" UCAV Skytruck!

The Firestorm Hexplane Skytruck is designed to carry a combination of weapons and sensors which allows a commander the ability to image a threat faster than current UCAVs and destroy it with precision.  A Firestorm Skytruck can launch from any Naval shipboard helipad allowing faster access to targets as compared to slower runway launched platforms.

The Skytruck may also be prepositioned close to the threat to allow a rapid response when commanded.

The Firestorm is based on 4 versions of 10 differently sized Hexplane Skytrucks from 40 to 26,000 pounds gross weight.  The Skytruck has been designed to allow rapid field reconfigurable payloads without using fasteners or tools.  The UVAV version is simply any Skytruck which includes the UCAV installation available based on each Skytruck size.

The UCAV installation may be exchanged for a plug and play ISR package or alternatively removed to create a Skytruck resupply vehicle within minutes without fasteners or tools.

All Skytrucks are easily folded without tools within moments for storage or shipment.

The UCAV Hexplane's weapons assortment consists of those proven on the battlefield: JDAM, Hellfire, and the mini-gun.
Phantom view of the Hexplane's weapons bay showing a hellfire rotary launcher and Dillon D134T mini-gun with a 4,400 round magazine.
"Hexplane", "Hexplane Corp" and "Firestorm" are trade marks of Hexplane Corp.