Faster, Further, Safer ...
Introducing "BULLDOG" the faster and greater range heavy lift VTOL!

Early analyses and flight simulations have shown that the Hexplane HHL can carry its payload at 450mph at 25,000 feet.  Hexplane accomplishes this physics based performance by distributing its propulsion over six smaller diameter and higher efficiency propellers rather than four larger helicopter like rotors.

The Hexplane HHL is significantly smaller than the Quad Tilt Rotor (QTR) concept since the Hexplane HHL uses much smaller diameter propellers.  Size is a significant factor in the ability of the heavy lift VTOL  to operate from Naval ships and confined landing zones.

Hexplane dispenses with the heavy (payload robbing), complex, and costly cross coupled driveshaft and gearbox systems of the QTR, which does nothing to provide for the loss of a rotor or gearbox system.  The QTR may be lost in these instances.

Hexplane's completely independent six propulsion unit VTOL aircraft can continue safe vertical flight following the complete loss of any propulsion unit, a capability other VTOL aircraft can not claim!
"Hexplane", "Hexplane Corp", and "Bulldog" are trade marks of Hexplane Corp.
This Hexplane Heavy Lift concept is sized to carry 8 463L pallets with an interior cargo capacity similar to the C-130J-30.
Hexplane's HHL has been analyzed to have a significant physics based speed and range advantage as compared to the QTR concept.
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